Saeco Phedra Evo Cappucino


Coffee brewed with this machine is always a pleasure. It’s compact, versatile and functional, ideal for spaces with an average flow of visitors. This simple-to-install machine creates a wide range of beverages in a small space – about the same size as a home espresso machine. It can be placed anywhere – on a table or in its own cabinet. If there’s no water connection nearby, the machine can store up to 3.4 litres.

Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.



More Details

  • Pinless Wonder automatic cappuccinatore and automatic washing system
  • Adjustable cup rest grid with two levels makes it possible to use cups, glasses, mugs or jugs
  • LED lighting for dispensing area
  • Separate hot water
  • All coffee- and milk-based beverages can be brewed, with powdered or fresh milk (cappuccino version), as well as chocolate, coffee and hot water for teas
  • The choice of beverage is made even easier by the touch buttons, with icons and a wide 3.5“ colour display
  • All possible recipes using coffee, powdered or fresh milk, chocolate and instant coffee